How do we Engage Students?

When I took on the role of Lead Practitioner in a new Maths department, one of my roles was to improve engagement.  How do I do this?  I began to have a think about which lessons my students really engaged with and which ones were trickier to keep them on task.  I found, unsurprisingly, that the more hands on the lesson, the more my students got on-board.  However, not all lessons can be fully active and I do have a few who don’t like this way of learning.  So I have decided to start blogging about the variety of ways I try in my classroom to engage students.  Although I don’t expect to find the magic pill, I hope to find a few strategies that work most of the time.  Please feel free to comment on my posts with your own feelings and ideas.


Author: The Engaging Classroom

Lead Practitioner in maths who is trying to improve engagement in my classroom. Trying out new ideas and sharing them.

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