Make it a competition!

So, my latest idea in the quest to engage students and get them to participate in their own education is something that I am trialing with my tutor group.  I have a group of 18 year 7’s who are generally lovely, but like all children, can be a bit lacklustre when it comes to putting in any more than the minimum amount of effort.

Like most, if not all schools, we have a behaviour policy with reward and consequence pathways.  The majority of my group finish each week with a positive number of points (after the negatives are subtracted from the positives), but there are a couple of exceptions. I have spoken to the individuals who are not always making the right choices when it comes to classroom behaviour, but it is not having quite the effect I  would like.

So I have proposed a small competition.  It began today, with 26 more school days in the year.  The challenge is to accumulate 450 overall points as a class by the end of the school year.  This was initially met with some gasps of disbelief, but when I explained that it was less than one point each per day, they are on board.  I hope that they will all make an effort, as there is no chance that a couple of individuals can do this alone.

My hope is that some peer pressure might ‘encourage’ all students to try a little bit harder and also to support those students who find some lessons harder to stay on task in.  If I can encourage my year 7’s to engage with their learning a bit more now, maybe they will continue to engage in years 8, 9, 10 and 11.

Will it work?  Watch this space.


Author: The Engaging Classroom

Lead Practitioner in maths who is trying to improve engagement in my classroom. Trying out new ideas and sharing them.

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